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A Sniper Poem

We think we have the solution, but we are the problem...

Laughter can also be dangerous
When there is nothing to smile about.

Every comedian is on the rostrum
mouthing the activist mantra.

No easy way to fame
except you're crooked or you know a crook...

It seems now there's no difference
between the rapists and therapists.

Now they say we have the sheriff of solutions
But we do not know the problem of our problems?

In Praise of Arik Air

Here is the heretofore of our lack and dis-order: 

the flight attendants have disappeared

the stands are empty... 

the passengers are asking questions of delays

the engineers are fixing the stereo playing Eminado in the streets 

there's the tail of the plane,


supine in the hangar

in the cockpit, no captain

there's a jet silence here 

no alto pitch of the announcer's message

the aluta anger is in the air...

(R) 20/4/16