April 2019

Our Banks of Errors and Apologies, Inc.

If you have an account in any of Nigeria's numerous banks and you do not yet have a story of frustration or disappointment to tell, you have not started being served.

If, like me, you have enlisted in any one of the internet banking systems of these financial corporations, you must now be familiar with the various kinds of disservice that have become the staple experience of many customers or clients already conscripted into the industry.

Where kindness is faster than light

Mila. Rijeka. Leukaemia. Croatia.

Four words that end in the exclamatory sound “a”.

Four words that bring attention to the human acts of love, kindness and heroism.

This is the story of uncommon solidarity displayed by common people in southeastern Europe, the region once, and still, described as the Balkan Peninsula. It is the story of kindness, fellow feeling and absolute love which is worth the value of a film script. It is the story of how a people chose to help the helpless and make a new meaning of patriotism in the Balkan.

To kill a fear…

To kill a fear…

I used to have a huge fear of flying.

In honour and trepidation of the airspace, I had cancelled some pre-scheduled flights after the plane crash that took away my mentee, friend, collaborator, brother and confidant, Pius Adesanmi. I had lost the energy to do any work, and now they pile up before me. What really is the worth of man, and what is the value of all our aspirations to be, to grow, to plan even for the next day, when there's a pre-ordained schedule for all our steps, a divine boarding pass in hand for us all...?