March 2017

World Poetry Day Event in Nigeria - Celebrating Niyi Osundare at 70

A special interactive event on World Poetry Day (Tuesday, March 21, 2017) is dedicated to Niyi Osundare’s ideas and poetry under the title “Poetry, Politics and Society.”

As part of World Poetry Day activities, Lyrikline-Berlin, the House of Poetry will publish a set of Niyi Osundare’s poetry online, with audio version and also in German translations.

Celebrating Niyi Osundare at 70

The exemplary poet is 70 years old today, and I must return to the market square to plant a song.

The gardener of redolent words, the warrior of light, is three scores and ten years today on Mother Earth. I cannot survive the luxury or mystery of silence. Fire in the bushels of barbarians, scourge of tyrants and traitors, the predictable voice against the conclaves of corruption, he of million metaphors, neither tired nor tiring of speaking truth to crookedness in high and low places.