June 2016

In Memory of a Robbery: A European Trick

Journeys are made for knowing, remembering, forgetting, of the joys, the hard goodbyes, the lessons, the pains, the pleasures and everything in between.


So it was, the remembrance of my first real encounter with European thievery. It happened, that it happened in nowhere else but in Spain. That's a country after my heart, its history tied unambiguously to the past and fate of the New World and the history of contemporary and divided Africa.


My Slingbag Returns: A Cairo Tale

Cairo, Gift of the Nile. The Eagle landed; into the warm surprises and red carpet welcome.

I spoilt it momentarily, forgetting my hunter's sling bag, and with it, my proud passport, cables, monies, a regiment of phone things, credit cards and tokens, etcetera.


My driver had disappeared into the blinding lights of the city, and I, serial forgetter of things, wondering if my pouch of vanity had gone forever. "Oh God of journeys, just the passport, let the passport return with all its canton of visas".


A Sniper Poem

We think we have the solution, but we are the problem...

Laughter can also be dangerous
When there is nothing to smile about.

Every comedian is on the rostrum
mouthing the activist mantra.

No easy way to fame
except you're crooked or you know a crook...

It seems now there's no difference
between the rapists and therapists.

Now they say we have the sheriff of solutions
But we do not know the problem of our problems?